Since Dubai is a paradise with limitless possibilities, it is only practical to start living here on a permanant basis. If you have been thinking to live in Dubai lately, we suggest you buy one of the District one villas for sale in Dubai.

A lot of people have this misconception that Dubai is a city of just extroverts, and all it offers is outdoor activities and crowded shopping malls. Although this is not entirely false, it is not completely true either. That is because here in Dubai you would also find places that can stir your contemplative side and invoke the introvert living in you. Especially if you are a book lover, there is no better place for you to live than Dubai.

Here you can take part in many great book clubs, as they allow you to exchange ideas and gain perspective regarding the literary works. Since most people in this city come from various ethnic backgrounds, you would always find it amusing to learn about culture and traditions that you had no clue about.

Since it is barely advantageous to learn about the books and genre you are not particularly drawn to, most book clubs of Dubai encourage a democratic procedure. Therefore, you would vote for the book you are itching to read the most and the end result would show you the magnitude and the quality of book club.

Once you have selected a book and decided on a book club for your joining, take some notes or at least highlight the passages that grabbed your attention. You can also note down the things that you could not quite grasp, so the other members can shed some light for you.

To make matters easier for you, we have collected some popular book clubs that you might want to join.

  1. Safar Dubai Book Club

This is one of the biggest book clubs in Dubai and has over five hundred members.  Previously known as The Dubai Mall Book Club, this club has members across different parts of Dubai.

One of the many benefits of joining this club is that you would find it most welcoming.  So irrespective of how little reading you have done in your life, this club would not make you feel inferior.

Safar Dubai Book Club holds a meeting every first Monday of the month and third Wednesday of it. Normally, this club works on a group website and there is a virtual voting system where everyone recommends and votes for the books they are interested to read.

  1. Dubai Bibliophiles

Ever dreamt of reading modern fiction in a relaxed cafe with interesting people around you?

If your answer is yes, then join Dubai Bibliophiles for it cannot be more perfect for you. This club meets after every three weeks and the books are generally chosen through a voting system. People also request every session to take place in English therefore most members can understand where the discussion is leading and how to respond to it.

There is also no discrimination in this book club, so whether you are male, female, or even nonbinary you are more than welcome here. Furthermore, this book club hosts multiple literary events, so one can enjoy listening and enjoy taking part in thoughtful discussions.

  1. Twitbookclub

Unlike most book clubs in Dubai, the Twitbookclub has strict inclusive rules. Everyone here is supposed to tweet their book suggestion and recommendation.  Do not take these tweets too seriously because another thing that Twitbookclub different from other book clubs is the fact that any member can read any book he likes. So whether you take the tweeted suggestion or not, it is all up to you.

The members of Twitbookclub meet almost every 3rd Saturday of the week, and there is no specified location for meet up, so every time you feel like joining, make sure where the meeting is supposed to take place.

At this particular club, you would find one philosophy i.e. Anything that goes!

Therefore, do not worry if you read a book that was not suggested by anyone, because you are still welcome here and you can still talk about the book that you like.

Apart from various book clubs and remarkable libraries, Dubai is home to a number of introverted activities. So if you too have an introverted mindset, go and get one of the Arabian Ranches villas for sale in Dubai and start living in Dubai!